The World May Be Stuck in Crisis Mode, But Your Creativity Doesn’t Have to Be

May 30, 2023

Overwhelmed by the steady stream of crises in your newsfeed? Distracted by nonstop notifications? Feel drained and disconnected in the places you need to be most inspired? Lost in the endless scroll with NO idea how to get your creative mojo back?

Especially if that creative mojo has a side hustle or bottom line depending on it. 🫣

I get it. I’ve been there. Some days I still am.

Tough love moment, for those of us in creative business, creativity is literally our job description. Making things. Building things people need. Problem solving.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Do you ever:

➡️ Wish you could carve out space to slow down in the middle of the hustle? To breathe long enough to get fresh perspective on the projects and problems on your plate?

➡️ Want to be more consistently creative, but are stuck in the mud of last week’s ideas?

➡️ Know you need to be focused, but are distracted and frustrated instead?

➡️ Wish you could harness inspiration to show up practically when and where you needed it?

➡️ Get tired of feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the reasons you started creating in the first place?

➡️ Want to live a more curious, connected, creative life… but right now the only thing you have energy to change is what show you’re binging on Netflix?

Yes? Then… You BELONG Here.

Welcome to The Wonder Habit™

The Wonder Habit™ is a 5-part framework for cultivating simple everyday practices that deepen creativity, build resilience, and strengthen wholehearted connection to ourselves, one another, and the world around us.

I am not talking about fake-it-till-you-make-it, toxic positivity, or self-help hype.

I’m talking about an essential practice for thriving in a chaotic, disconnected world, so you can be the grounded leader your creative business needs to serve your people well and keep bringing in the revenue to grow.

➡️ A practice YOU are in control of so you aren’t stuck sitting on your couch willing inspiration to strike.

➡️ A practice about becoming fully alive to the simple moments of beauty and goodness you encounter every day.

➡️ A practice that strengthens your reserves to navigate stressful, uncertain times, especially the moments when shizazz hits the fan.

➡️ A practice that unlocks greater ability to connect to ourselves and one another smack dab in the middle of epidemic levels of loneliness and isolation.

➡️ A practice that helps you make your creativity recession proof and ready to respond to the curve balls that come your way.

➡️ A practice that empowers you to create with confidence, consistency, & courage.

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If We Haven’t Met, I’m Michele…

I navigate life with 3 legs (ok, 2 of them are crutches), 1 hip, and a 96.3% fused spine. No, that isn’t a super scary fifth-grade math word problem I promise.

I spent 2+ decades leading community development projects and mentoring creative leaders across 3 continents before settling back down in my north Florida hometown as an artist and author.

It sounds so neat. All tied up in a pretty, 3-line bio-worthy bow.

But you know real life is messy and hard and marvelous, and positively impossible to contain all at the same time.

I also have lost everything and had to start over; not once, or twice, but three times. I’ve walked through seasons that have left scars and stretch marks on my soul.

But every step has brought me here.

To creating this space for the community I myself longed for but couldn’t find.

To sharing practices and insights that have helped me stop holding my breath and start finding my being again after a decade of losses I didn’t know were survivable.

The Future of Work May Be Independent, But It Shouldn’t Have to Be Lonely

Enter this space. Part blog from yours truly. I’m a memoir writer at my core. I believe the most powerful messages are lived before they are written.

Add part resource library. Part community. Part classroom. Part inspiration journal.

I want to take you WITH me on this journey into intentional, focused, more connected living by making wonder a daily practice.

Because running after your creative dreams shouldn’t mean you have to run solo, at any stage.

This is a place where we can hold an ongoing conversation and walk together to combat the deep pervasive loneliness that has become a major public health crisis in the USA according to a recent 2023 special report by the US Surgeon General.

A place to offer a collection of resources where you feel: Seen. Significant. Celebrated. Empowered.

Because you aren’t on the outside looking in. You are the first pick not the last. You are invited. In all the beauty and spontaneity of your becoming. Invited into a place you don’t have to fit into because you already belong.

There’s a seat with your name on it at this table. You don’t have to have it all together here.

Your being and becoming are celebrated in this space. Because you are full of wonder worth celebrating.

Nurturing your creativity isn’t selfish. It’s essential. The time for solving tomorrow’s crises starts with strengthening your creative muscles and building resilience today.

Together We’ll Explore How…

CURIOSITY opens us up to learn new things, see old problems with fresh lenses and provides greater ↓

CONNECTION to ourselves, one another and the world around us. Our brains are hardwired for connection and relationship, so...

COURAGE grows when we are in touch with our own stories, and with one another. This courage looks like the ability to be vulnerable and it is the foundation for unleashing more ↓

CREATIVITY in every area of our lives. In our personal journeys as well as our businesses and communities.

COMPASSION for ourselves and others builds as we are able to view our world and circumstances with the empathy deeper creativity unlocks.

All of these things help us and our businesses to bounce back, break through, and build creative practices that set us up to thrive.

Tell Me All the Details 🎉

There are two ways we can connect in this space ⬇️

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  • Want all the resources and interactive content? Join/upgrade to the member paid community that’s about the cost of a solo Starbucks run each month. (🥂 when we launch in January 2024) Our paid community includes:

    • A quarterly interactive 3-5 day community challenge to deep dive into a specific aspect of the wonder habit and practice it together.

    • Monthly community conversation threads right in Substack where we can have discussions together and learn from one another.

    • Community prompts so you can take action off-screen and start your own Wonder Habit. And then share your experience trying out the prompts with the community if you choose.

    • A learning library of bite-sized courses, mini-masterclasses, and actionable resources to help you understand and grow a creative practice that makes both you and your business healthier.

    • Ongoing access to all the past content housed in the archives.

    • Discounts on Wonder Habit products as they roll out.

    • Our very own deep-reading book club for books on creativity, inspiration, and other wonder-filled topics 😉 📚

Housed all right here on Substack in an online community dedicated to offering more of what you need to find space for your soul to breathe, make wonder a daily practice, and live a more curious, connected, and creative life. Without the distraction of navigating a social media platform to get to the conversation. And we are super snazzy- there’s even an app for your phone.

Come join us! I can’t wait to get to know you more as we grow and explore, play and become together.

If you have questions, please drop me a note ⬇️.

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