Jun 20 • 3M

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D. Michele Perry
The Wonder Habit™ podcast provides creatives and creative entrepreneurs on-the-go encouragement filled with simple tips and practical insights into building a sustainable creative practice that helps them thrive and grow a creative business they love. Join host, author, and creative business strategist turned fine artist and creativity mentor D. Michele Perry as she explores cultivating wonder as a daily habit, the importance of creativity care, and core practices for building resilience and connection in these uncertain times.
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Welcome to The Wonder Habit™ podcast!

As creatives, creativity is literally the central part of our job description. And as such, it is really important that we care for it intentionally.

I don’t know about you but my creativity didn’t exactly come with an instruction manual…

One of the things no one tells you when you start following your creative dream is that when your passion project becomes your bottom line to pay your bills, that fundamentally changes your relationship with your creative practice.

It’s time we have a conversation about this, and about how we can proactively care for our creativity by leaning into a daily wonder habit. I’m so glad you are here.