Be More Creative. Feel Less Alone. Discover the Power of Making Wonder a Habit.

A Slow, Gentle Space Dedicated to Helping You Nurture the Moments When Your Soul Comes Most Alive.

Overwhelmed by the noise in your news feed? Feeling drained and disconnected in the places you most want to be inspired? Lost in an online echo chamber longing to find your creative mojo again?

Then, welcome friend. You are in the right place.

I’m Michele. Painter of tiny, whimsical things. Writer of stories and relentlessly committed full-time encourager. Lover of open roads, blank pages, and wild spaces.

And I get it. I’ve been there. Many days I still am. It is hecka noisy out there.

That’s why I’m here. Building what I myself keep looking for. Writing the things my creative self most needs to hear, in case maybe you need to hear them too.

Carving a space for courage and community and inspiration for those who want to be more creative and feel less alone. Because we all feel a little lost sometimes.

Put a finger down if you ever:

➡️ Wish you could slow down in the middle of the rush? To breathe long enough to get fresh perspective on all the things on your plate?

➡️ Want to be more consistently creative, but feel stuck in the mud of last week’s ideas?

➡️ Want to be focused, but feel distracted and frustrated instead?

➡️ Wish you could harness inspiration to show up practically when and where you need it?

➡️ Get tired of feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the reasons you started creating in the first place?

➡️ Want to live a more curious, connected, creative life… but right now the only thing you have energy to change is what show you’re binging on Netflix?

Yes? Then… You BELONG Here.

And What Exactly is The Wonder Habit™?

When a brain injury stole my words and my livelihood in 2018, I promised myself two things.

One, that if I ever built anything again it had to be something I loved more than all I had lost. I was a published author who lost her words. That’s a lot of loss.

And two, since I was starting over, I somehow dreamed of making a living as a full-time encourager. Even though, in that moment I had no idea what either of those things looked like.

Both would take years of trying and failing and trying some more to uncover.

I spent my first months of recovery in a dark, silent room with my life crumbling around me… and that’s where The Wonder Habit™ was born. I just didn’t know it yet.

In the years since then, it has very literally saved my life.

The Wonder Habit™ is a practice of cultivating simple everyday moments that deepen our creativity and strengthen our wholehearted connection to ourselves, one another, and the world around us.

Last year I knew I wanted to create a community space for us to explore all this together. I researched so many platforms, but none of them were quite the right fit.

Then I Found Substack…

An algorithm free platform to build a community of courage where we can connect and share this journey together? Yes please.

A place where I can freely write from my heart and be a full-time encourager to a growing circle of creative friends. (That’s you!)

So here we are.

And this ⬆️ is an accurate depiction of how I feel about it. 😉

Yes, that’s me. If we haven’t met, I navigate life with 3 legs (ok, 2 of them are crutches), 1 hip, and a 96.3% fused spine. No, that isn’t a super scary fifth-grade math word problem I promise.

I’m a creative to my core. Wandering along shorelines and through forests feeds my soul.  My art and writing explore the connection, courage, and curiosity rooted in wonder as a daily practice, the beauty of the natural world, and the power of our unfolding stories.

So How Does This Subscription Work?

It’s a little like a choose your own adventure novel.

You’ll find good stuff around here like:

➡️ Regular letters of encouragement in my Dear Creatives series, kicking off January 2024.

➡️ Real-life behind the scenes inspiration from my art studio, sneak peeks at my sketchbook, thoughts on slower intentional living- just for starters. 😉 I have big dreams here.

➡️ Original resources in a learning library.

➡️ Prompt & Play posts to help you build your own creative practice

➡️ A growing archive of beauty and words that build you up in a world that seems too often to want to tear us down. And so much more.

All for you. So you can be more creative and feel less alone.

This is a place where I hope you feel: Seen. Significant. Celebrated. Empowered.

Because you aren’t on the outside looking in. You are the first pick not the last. You are invited into a space you don’t have to fit into because you already belong.

There’s a seat with your name on it at this table.

Your being and becoming are celebrated in this space. Because you are full of wonder worth celebrating.

Tell Me All the Details 🎉

I have thought for a year about how to price this. I know times are tight everywhere these days. So I have kept things as accessible financially as I can.

There are two main ways we can connect in this space ⬇️

  • Join for free and you will still get periodic inspiring, courage-filled creative content delivered to your inbox.

  • Want an all-access pass? Join/upgrade to the paid subscription community for $8.99/month or $89/year that’s less than the cost of a solo Starbucks run each month.

    Our paid community includes:

    • Weekly encouragement in my Dear Creatives series, real-life behind the scenes inspiration from my art studio, sneak peeks at my sketchbook, and more.

    • Monthly Prompt & Play Posts so you can dive in off-screen and start your own Wonder Habit. And then share your experience trying out the prompts with the community if you choose. If y’all enjoy it we can add more.

    • A growing learning library of bite-sized workshops, and practical resources to help you engage your creativity and grow your creative practice.

    • Ongoing access to all the content housed in the archives.

    • Access to all the challenges and events hosted on Substack, including our #100DaysofWonder2024!

    • Discounts on stand alone and/or physical Wonder Habit products as they roll out. (There’s something really special I’m working on for later this year.)

Delivered to your inbox and housed here on Substack in an online community dedicated to offering more of what you need to find space for your soul to breathe, make wonder a daily practice, and live a more curious, connected, and creative life.

Without the distraction of navigating a social media platform to get to the conversation. Say it with me: “Be more Creative. Feel Less Alone.”

Wonder is your birthright. I can’t wait to get to know you more as we grow and explore, play and become together.

Questions? Please drop me a note ⬇️.

Email Me Here

Other Places You Can Find Me

  •, my fine art website where you can find all the latest on art collections, commissions, and studio behind-the-scenes.

  • Across social media @dmicheleperry

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