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Thank you for this. I lost my Mother, May 1, 2020, my Father, February 9, 2022 and my daughter, age 46, May 10, 2022. We also lost our youngest daughter, age 18, on March 10, 2000. We do not really know how we changed because we don’t know how we would have been had this not happened. I resonate with vulnerability and with wonder. I see a bird sitting quietly looking at me and I wonder. I see and hear a bird sitting at the very top of the tall blue spruce and I wonder. I smell the fragrance in the air of lilacs and I wonder. Especially when the doves or cardinals come to our little backyard, I wonder. So many reminders that the tender Shepherd is with us, upholding us and surrounding us with love and care.

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Losing my tether to earth was so horribly experienced when I lost my best friend & amazing husband of 40 years a month after losing my mother. It can feel impossible to recover from the grievous pain. But, we do.

Thankfully, we do. Blessedly, we figure out a path through it all, into a new life without them. A new way of living to honor and celebrate who they were to us, and most importantly, who they taught us to be.

Thank you for sharing from your journey. Most especially, thank you for having the courage to create & share your 100 Days of Wonder. 🦋

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Many thanks for such a warm welcome, Michele. 🍃🌷🍃

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I read this with tears flowing down my cheeks. Drawn in by the image of the monarch butterfly and your quote that mentioned how a butterfly shows up at certain times in your life. My own mother was buried in a family tomb in Verona Italy which happens to be within a historic cemetery. It houses many ancestors and has a "white" marble slab covering the space where all the bodies are buried. The marble has suffered over the decades between the acid rain and a crack that happened ones ages ago when the marble cover was opened. It had basically turned black. I was lucky to travel with my husband to Verona one year when he had yo go there for business. I spent a very hot day scrubbing the marble with bleach and water and scrub brushes I was able to borrow from my hotel there. My mom was very fastidious all her life and she proved it while I was cleaning her resting place. There was no one by me and my bucket of scrub brushes there that day...but as I was nearing the last of my bleach I heard her distinctly say "you've missed a spot"...I KNEW it was my mom, who else could it have been? Anyway (unlike when she was alive) I audibly talked back and said "if you don't cut it out, I'm leaving it just as it is"...she didn't "say" another word~I continued and was able to clean the tomb. Within moments of finishing and putting all my cleaning supplies back into the bucket to walk back to the hotel...a butterfly landed on my shoulder... As I walked back to the hotel I looked to see if I could see ANY butterflies, anywhere...there were none, just my mom landing on my shoulder one last time.

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