Love this!! My brain works by having whitenoise on, which Netflix/Prime is. So no worries about distration there.


My distraction has been social media, which I have been using less and less but still depend on heavily on fatigued or sick days when I don’t want to sleep yet and books/movies can’t distract me but 30 seconds of a cat video can (x100).

I do purposely carry a book and a thick magazine with me (The Harvard Business Review--I’m on Month 2 of the same magazine!) at all times so I don’t look at my phone like the people around me. Which works against me at times because I have a lot of Kindle books!! Time to bring my Ereader out with me!

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Thank you Susan! My apologies for the long reply time. I missed the notification!

Love the idea of bringing an e-reader with you. I'm going to have to charge mine up and give that a try. So glad you are here!

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